Photos I meant to post earlier

Hi guys! I meant to share these in my earlier post “A Day in LA,” but I wanted to get the okay from my friend, Mike, who took these. I’m trying to convince him to make a blog for his photos… One of the drawbacks of shooting with film cameras is you can’t tell how the pictures are going to turn out albeit they’re nostalgic and make you feel super cool. So, even though I remember him using an entire roll of film and more, not all of them made the cut.

I love the way these came out. Some people don’t like the noise/graininess in photos, but I think it adds a nice touch. Of course, it depends on the subject of the photograph as well. Just in case you’re wondering, Mike used a Canon AE-1 with the film, Kodak Portra 800. The high ISO causes the noise in the pictures, which I really like. Sorry, I couldn’t post these earlier!

P.S. Mike, if you ever read this, thanks for letting me share these! Start a blog!