Good Friends

Have you ever seen or heard of the children’s musical Wee Sing in Sillyville? I enjoyed it as a child, but if I were to watch it again now, I most likely would think it’s a little creepy and weird. I can’t remember the first time I saw it on VHS, but some of the songs have stuck with me over the years. I used to have so much fun watching VHS’s being rewinded in our sports car tape rewinder. I was and still am easily amused. For those of you wondering, it used to look similar to this one:

vhs rewinder

One of the songs that has stuck with me ever since is “Make New Friends.” And I am not kidding you, I only just found out it’s actually a nursery rhyme… All these years I’ve always thought it was a unique song to the musical! I was trying to find a YouTube video of the song and realized it’s actually a rhyme… Am I the only one who was not aware of this? If you didn’t know about this either, well, now you do. You’re welcome.

The song below, by Emily King is for all the friends we have in our lives. Life would be so boring without friends. Let them know how much you appreciate them! Share this song with them! You can even download it for FREE! Happy friday to you and enjoy. As for me, I’m going to find something to eat. I am so hungry. xoxo


Seventeenth Summer


Yesterday, a friend returned a book I lent her a couple months back. It ended up collecting dust on her table, so she missed out on a good read. Her loss.

Some of you may have read it or given it a quick glance. Seventeenth Summer, written by Maureen Daly has to be one of my favorite books and I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost track. (Is it odd that I love young adult fiction?) I first came upon this book in the 7th grade in my English teacher’s classroom library which was open for the students to borrow. I instantly fell in love with it and lied to my teacher that I lost it just so I could keep it. I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson!

‘You look nice with the wind in your hair.’ And I remember just how he said it.

Seventeenth Summer is about a 17 year old girl’s summer fling right before she leaves for college. It’s pretty obvious from the title. Their love is so innocent and I’m definitely drawn to the innocence of it all. I remember when I first read this I imagined my 17th summer to be the same: sailing out to the sunset on a boat with some hot guy I have a crush on and the wind fingering through my hair, first kiss, sticky fingers from melting ice-cream cones, parties. Oh how wrong I was to assume it would be that easy. It makes me wonder if it even exists. This pure, innocent, child-like love. Maybe I’m just a dreamer and a hopeless romantic.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or simply looking for an easy-read, check out this book!