A day in LA

I don’t know if it’s because I live in the suburbs, a.k.a. middle of nowhere, but I always feel like I need to drive at least 20 minutes to have some kind of fun. Sure, it’s not about where you are, but who you’re with, but most days I’m alone and venturing out alone doesn’t exactly make me all giddy and excited to explore the mundaneness around me. It’s unfortunate. But then I wonder if it would be any different if I did live somewhere like, New York City, Seattle, or even Los Angeles. Wouldn’t it just become normal to me after a while and no longer thrill me? I hope not…

So, to relinquish this craving of exploring a big city and trying to be cool (Ha! What am I saying? I am cool, pft.), some friends and I spent a day out in Los Angeles. The day didn’t go quite as planned, however. We had a really late lunch that prevented us from going to the Getty Villa. So, we decided to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, but it was closed that day and we didn’t find out until we got there. But! All hope was not lost. We got to go to the Santa Monica Pier* and hang around Little Tokyo. Here are some polaroids we took on the pier. Don’t mind the reflections on the film. My scanner broke ages ago and I never felt the need to buy another one so, I took photos of the polaroids, instead.

Hmm… I really need to whip out my DSLR from the depths of my closet and put it to good use! These films don’t do justice to our day trip to LA!

*On a side note: I adore the Santa Monica Pier. I don’t know why, but I do. And once, when I was bored at home, I had this sudden urge to go on the viking boat ride that’s there. So, I drove over an hour, paid for parking, and walked to the pier only to see that it was closed for the night!!! I was devastated and mentally kicked myself for not thinking to check the hours beforehand. Since then, I have not been able to go on this particular viking boat, but I will one day!


Let’s talk eggs | Let eggs talk

Eggscuse me, I’m not talking about the reproductive eggs here. I’m talking about the eggs that come from hens and make awesome omelettes. Yummmmmmmy! I usually buy my eggs from Costco because everything is bigger and better at Costco. Plus everything just feels cheaper. It was from my most recent eggs purchase at Costco that I first encountered an egg with two yolks. Wait, what? Is that even possible? Yes, it is. I was completely clueless to this until I actually cracked an egg and was like,

two egg yolks in one egg

“What the heck?

Why are there two yolks?

Is it safe to eat this?

Man, another yolk means more cholesterol…

Oh well, might as well eat it.

But I feel so bad!

This egg could have been twin chicks!”

I was feeling so much guilt about eating an egg. And I had my doubts about the hen that laid the egg, too. What if it had some kind of deformity or disease that caused it to lay weird, mutated eggs. What if I became a mutant like the X-Men?! That’d be pretty cool, but I was scared for my life.

As I started frying my egg I was skeptical about whether or not it would be edible or if it would cause food poisoning. I put my life on the line eating this egg! As it turns out, it’s perfectly safe to eat. 1 in 1000 eggs have double yolks and some people see it as good luck. Who knew?

I’ve been feeling pretty “lucky” because literally almost every egg from this carton has been a double yolker so far. But honestly, I could do without the double yolks. I don’t even eat the yolk in hard-boiled or poached eggs. And, I stay far, far away from soft-boiled eggs. Yuck. Whoever said, “I like my eggs the way I like my men: running” clearly would disagree with me. I like my eggs hard (the way I like my men?), cooked throughly, and not runny. I love eggs, just not the yolk. If you love the yolk we can be best friends. You can have my yolks and I’ll have your egg whites.

eggs in a row

You can usually tell if an egg has two yolks by the shape of the egg itself. They’re more elongated. If you had to guess which egg is a double yolker, which one would it be? I’m betting my money on 2 and 3. 2 has an elliptical shape which equates to elongated to me. And, it’s hard to tell in the photo, but 3 is quite oval. The top doesn’t taper like most eggs. But at the rate I’ve been getting double yolks I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of them have two yolks.

That’s all yolks!

P.S. If you love eggs make sure to check out Eggslut at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles!

Seventeenth Summer


Yesterday, a friend returned a book I lent her a couple months back. It ended up collecting dust on her table, so she missed out on a good read. Her loss.

Some of you may have read it or given it a quick glance. Seventeenth Summer, written by Maureen Daly has to be one of my favorite books and I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost track. (Is it odd that I love young adult fiction?) I first came upon this book in the 7th grade in my English teacher’s classroom library which was open for the students to borrow. I instantly fell in love with it and lied to my teacher that I lost it just so I could keep it. I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson!

‘You look nice with the wind in your hair.’ And I remember just how he said it.

Seventeenth Summer is about a 17 year old girl’s summer fling right before she leaves for college. It’s pretty obvious from the title. Their love is so innocent and I’m definitely drawn to the innocence of it all. I remember when I first read this I imagined my 17th summer to be the same: sailing out to the sunset on a boat with some hot guy I have a crush on and the wind fingering through my hair, first kiss, sticky fingers from melting ice-cream cones, parties. Oh how wrong I was to assume it would be that easy. It makes me wonder if it even exists. This pure, innocent, child-like love. Maybe I’m just a dreamer and a hopeless romantic.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or simply looking for an easy-read, check out this book!


Have you ever thought about trying something new, whether it was testing out a new recipe, asking a stranger out to coffee, or starting a YouTube channel, but were too afraid? Or, perceived it as a failure before you even got started on it?

If you’re like me, then the answer would be, yes. I have so many things I want to try and do, but I never actually act on them because I’m shy and embarrassed about what people might think and say or, because I don’t see myself getting very far in my goals. And, you know what? I am tired of it. I am tired of caging myself in because of my fear of failure. I want room to stretch and grow!

So, this blog is the first small step I am taking in freeing myself and just starting something without overthinking it. Everything is a journey, an adventure, and we learn as we go! So, join me on my adventure and to all that’s ahead along the way! Cheers! (hehe I am so excited!!!!!)