Sunset Beach


You know how no two snowflakes are the same? I think the same goes for sea shells. There are some that look similar, but I’ve never seen a shell that looks exactly like another one. Plus, they’re pretty and you can keep them forever, unlike snowflakes. I used to think that falling snow looked like huge snowflakes, you know, like in the cartoons and movies. The first time I saw actual snow falling was when I was in junior high and at first, I didn’t know what was going on outside until someone told me it was snowing… I was so disappointed! I couldn’t even tell each snowflake was unique and they were tiny! And, it got everywhere! I felt cheated. Doesn’t mean I don’t like playing in the snow, though!

Today, I spent my day at Sunset Beach frolicking in the ocean and picking sea shells. I also ate the fattest and heaviest burrito/wrap of my life! It was so heavy I had to hold it vertically with the bottom of it resting on my plate while I ate it. Don’t you hate it when your burrito ends up ripping open and all the juices, beans, and rice start spilling out leaving a trail from your fingertips to your elbows?! That sums up my lunch. It was one delicious mess. It was filled with butternut squash, avocados, rice, beans, melted cheese, and other things that were all jumbled together. Yummy goodness. I was overcome with hunger that I didn’t even think of taking a photo of it. But enjoy the picture of the shells!


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